SAP 10.2 calculation software for SAP worksheet 10.2
Sapper version 10.00 Beta(unapproved) version is now available for testing purposes. Feedback very welcome

Download beta version

Advantages in using Sapper version 10.00

  1. Deals with extensions and over-glazed extensions.
  2. Includes Dewpoint U-value calculator with condensation prediction.
  3. Intuitive, easy to use and accurate.
  4. Selects region by postcode. Address lookup easy to use.
  5. Automatically checks status of Product Characteristics Data File(PCDF), and downloads a new one if required.
  6. Produces Predicted Energy Assessment.
  7. Allows selection of heatpump for DHW only.
  8. Allows selection of Flue Gas Heat Recovery Systems from PCDF.
  9. Allows selection of Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems from PCDF.
  10. Allows selection of community heating networks from PCDF.
  11. Allows selection of some heating controls from PCDF.
What's new in SAP 10.2? There have been many changes in SAP 10.2, so what's new:
  1. fuel Prices, CO2 emissions and primary energy factors have been updated
  2. the monthly variation of CO2 and primary energy factors is now taken into consideration
  3. the calculation of hot water consumption has been adjusted to take account of the shower flow rate
  4. the calculation of hot water consumption has been adjusted to take account of the shower flow rate
  5. the treatment of distribution loss factors associated with communal heating networks has been revised
  6. the air flow rates associated with chimneys and flues have been updated
  7. the treatment of mechanical ventilation system heat recovery and aerodynamic performance has been revised
  8. additional flow temperature options have been provided for heat pumps and condensing boilers and a means to recognise hybrid heat pump/boilers added
  9. the self-use factor for electricity generated by photovoltaic (PV) systems has been revised and allows for the effects of battery storage and PV diverters
  10. the ability to include solar thermal space heating has been added
  11. the assumed standard heating pattern has been adjusted to better match UK practice
  12. provision has been made to include heat interface units (for heat networks), new heating controllers and additional fuels in the PCDB
  13. the reference building characteristics have been updated
  14. results from low pressure pulse testing have been allowed for in the calculation of infiltration rate
  15. Appendix P (summer gains check) has been removed
  16. the efficiency of waste water heat recovery systems has been made to vary with shower flow rate
In England and Wales the SAP is consistent with the Building Regulations. For Scotland the calculations are consistent with Domestic Technical Handbook June 2023 edition, Section 6. New indicaters of compliance include DDER (dwelling delivered energy rate), TDER (Target dwelling delivered energy rate). FEE/TFEE and TPER are not required for Scotland. For compliance purposes in Scotland any element of exported electricity is excluded from the calculations.
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